AT4HR's Commitment To Take Action Against Anti-Black & Systemic


Art Therapists for Human Rights (AT4HR) condemns anti-Black and systemic racism in all its forms across all institutions in the USA (police departments, government, academia, health care, the art therapy field, agencies of mental health, etc).  We believe Black lives matter and condemn white supremacy in all its forms in our society.  We will use our expertise as psychotherapists to end the ongoing historical racial trauma that anti-Black racism has inflicted on Black Americans (and all people of African descent).  


AT4HR commits to:

  • Raising awareness of anti-Black racism within our profession and our society
  • Continued individual growth as psychotherapists in providing competent therapy to communities of color, in particular people of African descent
  • We will continue to challenge the art therapy field and its leadership to decentralize "whiteness" as dominant in our educational material (art therapy curriculums, conferences, publications, etc)
  • We will review AT4HR's vision, purpose, and projects to ensure there is no anti-Black systemic racism lingering in our work
  • We will partner up only with organizations that have also committed to ending anti-Black racism in our society
  • Supporting voting rights for all citizens including mail-in voting, and efforts such as #time4voting that encourages companies to give employees paid time off for voting or designating election day a holiday. 


We renew our commitment to Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that asserts,"Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person."


Last revised: 6/16/2020